Depression and Sleeping Problems

Since the recession started, there has been a huge surge in people being prescribed antidepressants.

Now it’s all well and good getting the help you need for depression, however one of the most common side effects of antidepressants is drowsiness. If you’re struggling with your medication, it may be a good idea to speak to someone at your local clinic so it can be tailored to better suit your lifestyle.

Be aware that it may not always be possible to adjust your medication, but the worst thing your practitioner can say is no.

The problem with drowsiness is that it can affect your work, your ability to drive, and in some cases debilitate you.

When you first start taking medication, the side effects hit you pretty hard, but bear with it for a little while, for they usually stop happening in a few days. If however you have long term side effects, you should speak with your doctor and immediately let them know how the medication is affecting you.

If you are struggling to stay awake, try and take a walk and get some fresh air, also a light jog can really energize you while also helping you get fit.

Don’t overdo the exercise, you’re not training for a marathon, just a nice gentle work out can also lift your spirits due to the body releasing endorphins. If you want to do a more rigorous work out, by all means do, but if you simply want to move a little bit, go at your own pace.

You’ll also find that with exercise your body is more willing to stay awake and the ‘zombiefied’ feeling does eventually lessen making you a much more active and happy person, and able to stay awake until bed time!

A lot of people who suffer with constant lethargy swear by a variety of medications and as such, you should consult your doctor before taking anything to ensure that you are A) able to take it, B) it won’t interfere with any other drugs you’re taking.

Drugs interact with each other and the last thing you want is for 2 individual drugs to cancel each other out, especially if one of them is a potentially lifesaving medication like Satins or anti coagulants.

The whole point of taking medication to keep you awake is to keep you awake for a normal period of time, not to stop you sleeping permanently so be sure to use caution.

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