Modafinil Drug Interactions

One thing that you do always need to be aware of when taking any drugs or medications is that they could interact with other drugs that you start to take.

With that in mind we have listed throughout this web page a range of drugs that are known to interact with Modafinil, and as such please consult with your Doctor if you are currently taking any of the following drugs before you start taking Modafinil.

The first set of drugs include Acetaminophen, caffeine, chlorpheniramine, Hydrocodone, phenylephrine acetaminophen, Hydrocodone acetaminophen, oxycodone Actiq (fentanyl) Alor 5, 500 (aspirin, Hydrocodone) Ambi 5, 15, 100 (guaifenesin, Hydrocodone, phenylephrine) Anaplex HD (brompheniramine, Hydrocodone, pseudoephedrine) Anexsia (acetaminophen, Hydrocodone) Anolor DH5 (acetaminophen and Hydrocodone) aspirin.

Also Hydrocodone aspirin, oxycodone Atuss EX (Hydrocodone, potassium guaiacolsulfonate) Atuss G (guaifenesin, Hydrocodone, phenylephrine) Atuss HD (chlorpheniramine, Hydrocodone, pseudoephedrine) Atuss HS (chlorpheniramine, Hydrocodone, pseudoephedrine) Atuss HX (guaifenesin, Hydrocodone) Atuss MS (chlorpheniramine, Hydrocodone, phenylephrine) axitinib Azdone (aspirin, Hydrocodone)

Some additional drugs that can interact with Modafinil include Bosulif (bosutinib) bosutinib BPM PE HC (brompheniramine, Hydrocodone, phenylephrine) Bromcomp HC (brompheniramine, Hydrocodone, pseudoephedrine) Bromph HD (brompheniramine, Hydrocodone, pseudoephedrine) brompheniramine, Hydrocodone, phenylephrine brompheniramine, Hydrocodone, pseudoephedrine Bromplex HD (brompheniramine, Hydrocodone, pseudoephedrine) Brovex HC (brompheniramine, Hydrocodone, pseudoephedrine) bupivacaine and fentanyl.

You will also find all of the following drugs can interact with Modafinil, Canges-XP (guaifenesin, hydrocodone) carbinoxamine, hydrocodone, phenylephrine carbinoxamine, hydrocodone, pseudoephedrine Celexa (citalopram) Chemdal HD (chlorpheniramine, hydrocodone, phenylephrine) Chemdal HD Plus (chlorpheniramine, Hydrocodone, phenylephrine) Chemtussin HC (chlorpheniramine, Hydrocodone, phenylephrine) Chlorgest HD (chlorpheniramine, Hydrocodone, phenylephrine) and Chlorphen HD (chlorpheniramine, Hydrocodone, phenylephrine).

All of the following drugs can also interact with Modafinil, chlorpheniramine, guaifenesin, Hydrocodone, pseudoephedrine chlorpheniramine, Hydrocodone chlorpheniramine, Hydrocodone, phenylephrine chlorpheniramine, Hydrocodone, pseudoephedrine Citalopram clopidogrel Co-Gesic (acetaminophen, hydrocodone) Co-Tuss V Expectorant (guaifenesin, hydrocodone) Co-Tussin (guaifenesin, hydrocodone) cobimetinib Codal-DH Syrup (hydrocodone, phenylephrine, pyrilamine) Codamine (hydrocodone, phenylpropanolamine) Codamine Pediatric (hydrocodone, phenylpropanolamine) CodiCLEAR DH (guaifenesin, Hydrocodone)

Please ensure that you familiarize yourself with every single drug that can interact with Modafinil, and before you start to take Modafinil you should always ensure that it is going to be the correct drug to take to treat the conditions that you are suffering rom.

Drug interactions can be very serious indeed and with that in mind if you are concerned about any drugs or medicines interacting with Modafinil then consult with your Doctor or the medical professional that is treating you for your condition or conditions to see if you will be ok taking Modafinil.

Please be aware that the above guide only gives you a small insight into just which drugs interact with Modafinil as there are in fact lots of other drugs that can interact with Modafinil and as such do be are of that fact before you make a purchase for Modafinil and you start to use it.