Staying Awake

Now we know this does sound like the opening scene from A Nightmare on Elm St, however, sometimes you physically have to stay awake. This can be due to working a double shift, or even getting used to a week on night shifts. However there are things to help.

The usual method is a strong coffee, however, things like sweets and fruit can be just as effective. If you’re not a sweet or coffee fan, tea contains slow release caffeine that will perk you up slowly. We know it’s a cliché, but the English believe that tea solves everything. World War III looming, have some tea. Cut a finger off while cooking? Have some tea!

There is a lot to be said though for the benefits of drinking tea, and that is it is full of antioxidants, it’s also good for hangover and even constipation.

If you’re not fancying a cup of tea, you could try listening to some energizing music. Strange as it sounds, music seriously affects the chemistry in the brain, hence why when you go to the gym you’ll be more likely to hear Happy Hardcore as oppose to the mating call of dolphins.

If your sleep is causing you problems, such as having narcolepsy, speak to your doctor and they will most likely refer you to a sleep specialist. Also, if you’re constantly tired it could be a sign of something more sinister and as such seek professional advice for it could be your thyroid, or even diabetes. We recommend having a body MOT every 12 months to ensure that your body is doing everything it should. If you’re worried in the meantime however, book in with your doctor.

A lot has to be said for weight as well. You see, if you are overweight, your body will insulate and produce more heat that can lead to fatigue, while being under weight can lead to low blood sugar which can also lead to feeling fatigued.

Try to avoid booze if you need to stay awake, for alcohol is a suppressant, and as such can make you tired. There is a reason why drunks sleep practically anywhere.

Also, if you’re on any medication, particularly anti depressants, also do be sure to check the list of side effects and speak to your doctor about adjusting your dose. If they make you drowsy, see if you can take them before bed as oppose to in the morning.

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