Travelling and Tiredness

When flying there is one thing that no one likes, and that’s jetlag, and we can all blame the Wright Brothers! In years gone by, you would normal sail to your destination, taking a few days, but gently adjusting to the new time zones. These days, it is more advisable to not sleep on a flight and simply get to your destination and wait until it’s a normal hour to go to sleep. This however, can be easier said than done.

There are plenty of over the counter remedies you can take, however, they aren’t always effective and as most of them contain very high amounts of caffeine and taurine, they aren’t good for you in the slightest. This mixed with complimentary booze on the plane can lead to extreme fluctuations in the heart putting you at a higher risk of heart attack. During the early 2000’s there was a surge in young people having heart failure on nights out on the town, and this was due to the consumption of double vodka and high energy drink mixers.

Due to the chemistry of these two drinks the heart was beating irregularly due to the suppressant of the alcohol and then the stimulant of the energy drink. So think twice before taking energy drinks, and try to limit yourself to only one or two a day.

Most long haul flights are far more comfortable than short haul, and as such come with all kinds of gadgets to prevent jet lag, so do make the most of them. One of the worst places to have jetlag is Las Vegas, this is because none of the casinos have clocks, and also the entire building is lit in such a way you never know what time it is.

This essentially means you can wake up at 9am but think its 5pm, or wake up at 5pm and think its 9am. Also the air con is pumped with oxygen and scents to keep you alert even though your body is exhausted a clever ploy to ensure you’re always playing the games on offer.

A very good way to stave off jetlag is to eat, the slow calories will help keep you alert while your body clock gets used to the new time zone. However, if all else fails, there is always the option of simple sleeping it off. It only takes a couple of night’s decent sleep to get over jetlag.

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