Trying to Sleep

If you’re struggling to sleep, there could be a few reasons for this. One of the most common reasons for suffering with sleep is because you’re actually not tired. However, there is also a possibility quite the opposite is true and you’re over tired. The most common people to have trouble sleeping are shift workers such as nurses. This usually is due to the sleep pattern being regularly interrupted. This can then lead to energy crashes.

To ensure you get the best night’s sleep, try and make sure your bedroom is cool, dark and un-cluttered. This will give you a little sanctuary to enjoy peace in.

When keeping yourself awake, try and ensure that you don’t drink alcohol and keep yourself rested. Coffee is always good, then avoid too much as you don’t want to get the shakes.

There are also treats like chocolate and sweets that can help by giving you a quick calorie boost. Though if you’re unable to eat such things then fruits such as apples and bananas are good sources of energy.

When the time comes for you to finally go to sleep, be sure that you have a comfortable pillow and the bed is cool. This will aid in sleeping by relaxing you subconsciously. The other advantage to this is that you’ll spend less time tossing and turning and more time in a deep sleep.

There are other things you can do to help your sleeping pattern, these include meditation, reading before bed to relax, or listening to some quiet, relaxing music.

There are also huge amounts of gadgets you can buy such as specialist alarm clocks that gradually fill the room with light to trick the brain into thinking you’ve woken up naturally. The best gadgets aren’t bank breaking, and could seriously help you adjust your sleep pattern.

If you’re really struggling with sleep, you could also seek professional help as they may be able to get to the bottom of any issues you’re having with regards to sleeping well. It may also be prudent to redecorate your bedroom and make it a soft colour like a pastel lilac or blue. Patterned wallpaper may look pretty, but it can be mentally distracting and send your head into overdrive when trying to sleep. Also in some cases, it’s a good idea to replace your mattress, especially if it is older than 7 years.

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